So, I’d really like to get this blog going again. For real, this time. So, submit, and I’ll start making some new, revamped posts.  :)

Submit here! or here!


I’ll be taking a temporary break from tumblr. Not for too long, I just really need a mental holiday. And with the actual holidays coming up, I’ll be without internet for a while, as well… :/. I’ll do my best to queue some stuff up before that though. My apologies, and I’ll understand if I get some unfollows. 

Hope all is well for you all!! :)

Recycling a few random posts… I’ve got a few to make once I get home from school :).

I just wanted to thank you guys so much for sticking through with me, even though posts have been slow. 

But keep sending! I promise that any submission I get between now and 5pm EST will be made and queued by about 5pm, ahah. 

Happy playing!!